Smart Cooler Features

SunDen Cooler

Our cooler is the real deal. Durable polyethylene, effective insulation, & virtually indestructible construction with a 2-floor design. It comes with waterproof lockable dual lids and flexible & durable latches with finger grips. Anti-skid pads, heavy duty handles, and an oversized tethered drain plug are featured. Its dimensions are 26”(L)x19”(W)x19”(H), it weighs approximately 25 lbs. and can hold about 60 qt.

Among other benefits, this innovative design keeps the inside of your cooler colder for longer and dramatically improves its performance.

Heavy Duty Adjustable Telescopic Handle - Parasol Mast

Our Universal Rigs are included with all of our Smart Coolers. You get an Easy Installation Kit, UV and rain Protective Top & Built-In Hard Case, Modular All-Terrain Wheel System, and an Integrated Camera Tripod & Selfie System. Optionally, you can also add our adjustable Bluetooth LED Speaker with Integrated Power bank, Luggage Caddy and Fishing Rod Holder Attachments.

Removable Blender & Soft Ice Cream Maker

Keep the drinks flowing and the party going. The SunDen blender is battery powered and removable so you can use it anywhere you want. It features revolutionary design; it’s fully covered by the outer lid to ensure no dust or sand can damage your motor. It’s also partially submerged in ice, allowing it to create soft ice cream and ice cold beverages without taking up too much of your space.

Built-In Speaker & Subwoofer with Optional Karaoke System

The tunes don’t ever have to stop with our waterproof Bluetooth speaker and subwoofer. The system pairs effortlessly with our Rig’s optional LED Speaker. Get professional quality sound at the tap of a button. Easy NFC pairing lets you stream music from one phone to two speakers up to 30 feet apart. You can also opt for the optional karaoke system which integrates perfectly with the speakers.

SunDen Emblem

Featuring an LED light and bottle opener, our signature emblem will brighten up your days and nights.

18V High Energy Multifunctional Battery System

Afraid to run out of juice? Our fully detachable 18V High Energy Battery will keep you going for longer. It has a built-in emergency light, 12V/100-240V charger, as well as 5V/12V USB ports. It can even jump start your car in an emergency.

Divider & Cutting Board

Our divider doesn’t just keep your food from getting soggy, it doubles as a high quality cutting board and can be easily removed and cleaned.

Built-in First Aid Storage

SunDen also features built-in first aid storage. The container is protected by the outer lid and suspended in a safe and dry place within reach. Now you can treat scrapes and cuts without having to run back home.

Optional Integrated Air Compressor

On the side of the cooler, SunDen features an isolated compartment which houses the Air Compressor perfectly. The 12V Air Compressor powered by the main battery can easily handle any task you have in mind, from inflatable boats and airbeds to beach balls and even car tires – SunDen’s got your back.

Cooler Color Options

Our SunDen Smart Cooler is currently available in three colors: SunDen Orange, Royal Blue, and Woodland Green.