Universal Smart Rig Features

SunDen's Rig can be used on any type of cooler – big and small, wheeled or not. You can quickly and easily attach your SunDen Smart Rig to any standard sized cooler using the Quick Release Connection Set provided. Smaller or longer sized coolers can be simply attached to the Rig using the Luggage Caddy attachment that comes with all Smart Rigs.

Heavy Duty Adjustable Telescopic Handle - Parasol Mast

Keep cool under the sun and warm under the rain. SunDen features a lightweight mast made from extruded powder-coated aluminium. The mast is robust and acts as a telescopic handle with which you can roll your cooler to any destination. The patent pending parasol system weighs about 7 lbs and is only 22” x 12” x5” when unassembled. When assembled it can be extended to reach up to 6 feet.

The rig also comes equipped with a heavy duty steel-made Quick Release Cooler Connection Set. This allows you to quickly and easily attach your SunDen Smart Rig to virtually any cooler in just a few seconds!

UV & Rain Protective Top

SunDen’s parasol top is made up of adjustable UV and rain protective acrylic fabric with grommets. It spans 8x8 feet. It will be available in SunDen Orange, Royal Blue, and Woodland Green. It comes with its own adjustable waterproof hard-case which has room for extras of your choice.

LED Speaker System

Meet the life of the party. Our removable waterproof Bluetooth system is topped off with a complete LED light show, built-in power bank, USB charging port and phone/camera holder. Easy NFC pairing lets you stream music from one phone to two speakers up to 30 feet apart.

Rig Bottle Opener & Auxiliary Light

Our rig won’t leave you groping in the dark. Even when the speakers are not turned on you’ll still be able to see thanks to our auxiliary light built into the rig structure. We’ve also added a nifty bottle opener to make sure you can open your favourite beverages wherever, and whenever.

Modular All-Terrain Wheel System

Never get left behind. SunDen’s rig features modular all-terrain wheels. They’re made to be retractable and interchangeable so you can easily pick the right wheels for the job.

Camera Tripod & Selfie System

Take your selfies to new heights. Each one of the parasol’s four arms is instantly transformable into a selfie stick for phones or tripod for cameras. With 12 feet of height when fully extended, you’ll be taking legendary landscapes in no time.

Luggage Caddy Attachment & Gear Tie-Down

Phew, that’s heavy. You don’t need to worry about lifting from the knees with SunDen around. Our detachable folding luggage cart attachment and gear tie-down will make light work of your trunk’s contents.

Fishing Rod Holder Attachment

Is fishing your passion or even just a hobby? Rest assured, we’ve thought of you. SunDen comes with a universal fishing rod holder detachable attachment so you can enjoy with minimal effort.

Built-In Parasol Case

Save time and space, the SunDen parasol fits snugly into the lightweight and durable case provided. In addition, our case also features additional storage room for your bits and pieces.